Patio Furniture Powder Coating

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powder-coating-outdoor-furniture-phoenixAmalfi Powder Coating & Abrasive Blasting are experts in powder coating patio furniture. For the past 10+ years our powder coating technicians have been helping clients and patio manufacturers in Phoenix with all their outdoor furniture powder coating needs. 

Because our sister company, Amalfi Living, manufacturers luxury outdoor furniture we have an innate understanding of how to repair and / or powder coat patio tables and patio chairs. We’ve recently opened our shop to local commercial and residential clients who want to remove rust and peeling paint on their patio pieces.

Best of all, we have super quick turn around times and a NO MINIMUM policy. Depending on your patio furniture needs, we can source new feet, do light welding, remove rust, peeling paint and yes, powder coat. Our technicians are committed to producing the highest quality results, which translates to a win, win for you! You can assured that when you bring your patio furniture to us for powder coating, we’ll treat them as if they were our luxury brand.

Whether your patio table and chairs need a new look or you’d like them restored to the original color, we can help. We have a wide variety of powder coat colors and specialty finishes to choose from. Give us a call the next time you want to powder coat your outdoor furniture: dining chair frames, chaise lounge frames, outdoor dining tables, side tables, coffee tables and more. 

Clients are amazed when we tell them we can restore their metal patio furniture back to their original condition. So, if you have outdoor furniture that’s been beat up by the sun or shows signs of aging, we will sand blast all parts removing grit, rust, dirt and old paint. Then use a phosphate wash to get a clean and smooth surface that is ready to be powder coated the color of your choice. All you need to do is bring in the patio furniture and select the color.

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Patio Furniture Powder Coating Company

The technicians with Amalfi Powder Coating & Abrasive Blasting remove rust, grit and old paint from metal patio furniture frames, then powder coats them in the colors you choose. Below are examples of outdoor patio furniture we’ve powder coated.

powder-coater-outdoor-dining-chairs-phoenixOutdoor patio chairs powder coated black in our Phoenix Powder Coating Shop.

powder-coated-chaise-lounge-phoenixAbrasive blasted and beautifully powder coated chaise lounge in royal blue.

outdoor-dining-chairs-powder-coated-phoenixPatio chairs powder coated in yellow and white at our Powder Coating Shop in Phoenix.

Outdoor patio table powder coated in a specialty finish.

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