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Our powder coating facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We spray all types of automotive products including rims & engine parts. Our NO MINIMUM POLICY makes us a favorite for clients with household products such as bicycle frames and outdoor patio furniture.

powder-coating-outdoor-furniture-phoenixPATIO FURNITURE POWDER COATING in PHOENIX

Amalfi Powder Coating & Sandblasting are experts in powder coating patio furniture. From residential outdoor chairs and tables to commercial patio furniture projects, we can breathe new life into your patio pieces.



Auto body shops love our abrasive blasting technicians. We have the ability to remove rust, imperfections and old paint from vintage & classic car frames. We also sandblast household items such as patio furniture, gates & fences.

fast-powder-coaters-phoenixEXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS

Welcome to Amalfi Powder Coating. We’re a NO MINIMUM – professional powder coating company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our powder coating technicians are among the best in the industry, with a combined 60+ years experience. Our sister company, Amalfi Living, is a luxurious patio furniture company who’s been in operation since 1955. So rest assured, when an item comes through our doors, we treat it as if it were one of our luxury items ready to be powder coated.

Because we have excess powder coating capacity, Amalfi Powder Coating is generally less expensive than other powder coating shops. And our lead times are typically ONLY a day or two.

This is just one reason, Amalfi Powder Coating is a favorite among commercial & residential clients in Phoenix. Whether you have an outdoor sign, bicycle frame, machine part or personal item in need of powder coating. 

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