Why Our Powder Coating

High-Quality Powder Coating


Our sister company is a luxury furniture company that has been manufacturing metal furniture for the most discerning homes in the country and abroad.  Because we have excess powder coating capacity, Amalfi Powder Coating in Phoenix, Arizona has been powder coating for others since 2011 to fill our capacity.  We treat your automotive, bicycles, motorcycles, machined parts, rims, gates, and furniture as if it were our luxury brand. We’ll use the same abrasive blasting, powder coating processes and standards for all of your work just as we do for our own furniture.

Since we are simply trying to fill capacity, we generally are less expensive than other powder coating shops and our lead times typically run a day or two if not the same day. Our technicians also offer light welding and use only the finest powder coat paints including; Tiger, Sherwin-Williams, Axalta & Arizona Cardinal Powder Coat Paints.

What can be Powder Coated?

Just about anything metal can be powder coated.  Examples of what we commonly powder coat are:

  • Railings
  • Bike frames
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Sports equipment
  • Automotive / Motorcycle Parts / Rims
  • Marine parts
  • Lawn and Garden equipment
  • Racks
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Machine Shop Parts
  • Shelving
  • Gates and Fencing

Powder Coating Facts

  • Powder coating does not require liquid solvents for pigment suspension – safer and more environmentally friendly
  • Powder coating provides much thicker coatings than painting – incredible durability, scratch resistance, and metal protection
  • Powder coating produces little hazardous waste, unlike painting or plating
  • Metallics, pearls, primers and clear coats available, just as for paint
  • Unlike paint powder coating can provide many types of texturing effects
  • Powder coating’s texture and thickness can conceal many minor flaws in the part surface, allowing less part preparation after fabrication to achieve a high quality finish


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